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Foopad is nondestructive source code editor / integrated development environment made to make your dev life better. Foopad has some unique features and can be customized to be like simple notepad or full IDE. Works on any version of Windows operating system (server also) and has unbelievable startup and workflow speed. It's UI is simple and slick, intuitive and so classy-cool. Foopad targets Web developers, system admins and coding enthusiasts.



Download (~1MB, ver 1.0) (beta ~3MB, ver 1.0)
    PHP Dev server is wrapper around PHP built-in server.


What about Lines and Lines2?

Lines2 (.NET version) is crappy attempt compared to Foopad. It's not maintained anymore. Foopad is everything what Lines could become, and much more.

Lines is my other project based on node and webkit (javascript) and works on Windows and Linux.