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Lines 5.0: What's new?

27.05.20 00:45 in Products, author Tomislav


- x86 version both on Windows and Linux are now deprecated

- New version of ACE editor

- New Latest version of NW (chromium & node)

- UI editor for appliction settings

- UI editor for project settings

- New default UI font (Open Sans)

- New default editor font (Inconsolata)

- New outline parsers for: HTML and JSON

- CSS/PHP outline parser re-write

- Outline view tweaks

- UI tab tweaks

- You can dock outline to right sidebar (better on large screens)

- PHP Built in server support with autostart on project load,

(requires PHP installation and config path option set)

- New commands on browser toolbar: back, reload, orientation

- Lines theme tweaks

- Floating popup button on css color click

- Mobile simulator removed, added option to open browser in portrait

- Added new options in settings

> Hide or show toolbar info

> Auto show Outline

- UI main menu redesign

- Async background tasks optimizations

- Added options to edit menu: Trim empty, Merge empty (fixed), Sort lines

- Other optimizations and bugfixes