New version 4.3 released! What's new?



Auto complete

Column selection

Multi caret editing

Code outline with filtering

Project explorer

Real time error checking

Mobile simulator

Color picker, color manager NEW

More features

  • Integrated web browser (webkit) with dev tools
  • Custom project based commands for external tools
  • Option to run in single window (no tabs, panels...)
  • F1 command button shows open documents list
  • Toggle (comment/uncomment) code with shortcut
  • Open folder as project from context menu or main menu
  • Run and debug Javascript and Node code in interactive
  • Lag free! Lines won't stand in your way
  • Find/replace text with regex support
  • Large file loading/editing support
  • Color schemes automatically matches UI theme
  • Start page shows all recent projects and files
  • Syntax highlighting for 150 languages
  • Auto-refresh mobile simulator or browser upon file save
  • Open multiple projects in separate windows
  • Beautify code with single command (shortcut)
  • Remove/merge empty lines
  • Unix / Windows line endings support
  • Custom file templates
  • Custom text snippets
  • Clone document with single command
  • Right-click shell integration on Windows
  • TODO panel shows important stuff if you forget something
  • Support for any mono spaced font in code editor
  • Method-function arguments in outline panel
  • Download and try it for yourself