Topic: How to install Lines on Ubuntu?

Simple step-by-step procedure on how to install Lines on Ubuntu (Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Debian...)

Required Lines version: >= 3.5

1. Download Lines package for Linux

Screenshot 1

2. Extract package to a folder of choice, in this
example i extracted package to "Documents" folder in my home dir.


3. Start console in exctracetd folder (right click > Open terminal window)
and type "./lines", or just drag n drop file "lines" to console window and
press enter. Application should start.

Screenshot 3

4. Go to Menu > Tools > Create Lines shortcut

Screenshot 4

5. Folder browse dialog will appear asking you to select target folder
for a new shortcut. Select desktop and confirm.

Screenshot 5

6. Desktop shortcut icon is created, run it by double-click.
If system confirmation message shows asking you to make launcher
executable, confirm.

Screenshot 6