What's new

ver 4.3
- New color picker and document colors integration
- Fixed bug in files recent list showing duplicate items
- Outline bugfixes

ver 4.2
- Fixed bug with context menu showing some items disabled
- Recent projects list now shows project names
- Fixed legacy ".lines" file format error on open

ver 4.1
- F1 opens dialog with all open documents, up-down=navigate, enter=activate, esc=exit dialog
- Added toolbar info menu with Project/File names
- Main toolbar menus now can be configured to open on: hover or click
- New config file version
- Fixed bug where "startMaximized" setting is ignored
- Added option to hide tabs
- Added option to open/hide project explorer automatically (on project open etc.)
- Active tab has more pronounced style
- Commands menu moved to Project as sub-menu
- Background tasks optimizations

ver 4.0
- Open more Lines (pseudo) instances/projects in seperate windows
- Added config option to open files/folders in treeview with a single click
- Fixed bug when removing MRU items (sometimes list is not saved)
- Fixed console problems with undefined vars :/
- UI tweaks (fonts, menu, tabs, treeview, new icon...)
- New version of config file
- Minor bug fixes

ver 3.8
- Themes! All Ace themes are suported, UI auto adjusts colors based on editor theme 
- New start screen, UI tweaks
- Added file properties dialog, now it's possible to change line ending mode, encoding is planned
- MRU (most recently used projects/files lists) lists can be deleted - all/invalid
- Complete re-write of Lines dark/light themes, more vibrant, more life
- Fixed bug with newline mode in "Edit -> Format -> Merge empty" option
- Bugfixes & optimizations

ver 3.7
- Drag & drop file(s) or folder on Lines window now opens file/project
- Fixed drag & drop of internal UI elements to editor
- Fixed external file change bug (bug in node module)
- Changed some keybindig issues, open Help->Keyboard shortcuts for more info
- It's now possible to receive the commands to open file/project from the OS right click menu with lines running
- Main window opens centered, added option to start in fullscren in configuraion file
- Terminal (commandline) window moved to Tools menu
- Window loading tweaks
- Code editor theme tweaks

ver 3.6
- Added "project commands" for running external programs
- Added option to copy file path to clipboard
- Added option to enable / disable autocomplete for brackets...
- Config file sync now iterates JSON sub-options
- User response / Report bug option in help menu
- Added option to hide recent files (not projects)
- Added "Open" and "Edit" options in project menu (for opening file externaly)
- UI tweaks
- Minor bug fixes

ver 3.5
- Fixed Linux startup errors on some systems 
- Added option to create desktop shortcut on Linux version 
- Bug fixes 

ver 3.4
- Bug fixes
- Scollbar tweaks
- UI updates
- Added feature to toggle outline panel
- Menus re-aranged
- Theme tweaks

ver 3.3
- UI tweakes and optimizations
- Main menu position changed to top (large number of user requests)
- Minor bugfixes

ver 3.2
- Fixed legacy project format conversion error

ver 3.1
- Linux version available for download
- Fixed issue with outline not resizing properly
- Fixed broken caret position in dark theme

ver 3.0
- Complete re-write of old version
- No .NET framework required
- Linux version, both x64 and x86 will be published soon